Watch only address wallet

Hi, I am still trying to migrate my watch only address wallet to my main wallet. If I do a uninstall / reinstall of the the app do I require the the 12 word recovery phrase for the watch only wallet? I cant back the watch only wallet up because I only have the public address. Does this make sense !

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Please do the following:

  • Make sure you have the backup of your recovery phrase, private key, or keystore JSON

  • Uninstall the Trust Wallet app

  • Install the app again

  • Import using the backup (do not import an address, that will turn your wallet as a watch-only)

please how do withdraw etherium fro wallet watch?
i clic to bouton《send》 but they say that : make sure you have access to this wallet before using it, what can i do?

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Hi. I do not have a recovery phrase or private key for the watch only address but I do for the other wallets. If I uninstall what do I use to recover the watch address…this has left me scratching my head.

Without your recovery phrase, you can not withdraw or send out of your Trust wallet if it shows as a watch only wallet.

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