Watch only wallet errors

Whenever I want to send or receive it keeps bringing a message that it’s watch only wallet. Please help

Hello @Oyetee2000,
Kindly follow this thread to fix your issue
Move watch wallet in trust make wallet the main wallet

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Hi @Oyetee2000,

Please do the following:

  • Make sure you have the backup of your recovery phrase, private key, or keystore JSON
  • Uninstall the Trust Wallet app
  • Install the app again
  • Import using the backup (do not import an address, that will turn your wallet as a watch-only)
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Not working for me. I was trying to more my coin from regular binance to binanceUS because I was on able to perform any transactions on the regular binance, my USDT was moved successfully but the ethereum also showed the transactions was successful but I couldn’t see it in my receiving wallet ( binanceUs). I was able to locate the coin in eter scan with the TxID
0x822fc29cbe36a44cf5d2105ebc519b87d7f5e35ba5374540d60426ed470d1cc0. How can I move it back to binanceUS wallet. Please see the attachment

Looks like you sent a Binance-peg Ethereum (BEP20), not a native ETH.

Is 0x3033E25E2412533eC2c01CFACC70ab1eBE42C86A the address from the Trust Wallet app? Or that is your Binance US receiving address?

Yes that’s my binanceUS receiving address

Please contact the customer support of Binance US, since they have your Binance-peg Ethereum (BEP20).

Ok, I will. Thanks for your help.

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I am facing the same problem now…
Have not access my trust wallet since 2017. Now i can see my ethereum amount in side but when i try to send, it says this is watch-only wallet.

Hi @wespeed,

You need to import the recovery phrase/keystore JSON file/private key of your wallet so you can access it. Here’s a guide:

It’s seems as though TW has a glitch and doesn’t want to admit and fix it. I have a watch only account that I did not create. I have emailed support. I have read and followed all instructions from this platform and support and yet my wallet is still watch only…$14000 usd just watching me…this is thievery at its lowest level.

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This does not work and you should stop lying to the people. There is a glitch and it is stealing from the people.

Did you get your ETH??? YET

Same thing happened to me, I emailed binance support over 60 days ago nothing was done.

No one is lying here. You should have the recovery phrase/keystore JSON file/private key of the wallet so you can use it. If you don’t have it, then you cannot access your wallet. Trust Wallet team does not hold any of your private keys, meaning, they do not have access to it either.