What do you think about defi projects?

Defi projects had taken over the cryptocurrency space, the likes of csti, sys among others have proven themselves to be good bullish coins. In every corner of cryptocurrency platforms or forums, the talk of the day is defi projects. Though, the first batch of this projects are really doing well.

Presently, some rumors moving around the crypto-space that, many projects coming into the defi should be carefully invest with because their possibility of them be a scam is real. We can recalled that, during the ICOs this event happened and even when IEOs took over from ICOs this still surface by scammers. Scammers always look towards where they can easily scam cryptocurrency gullibles and investors.

So, do you think scammers will eventually join this Defi with their scam projects?


It is very possible. As long as the correct research is done and all the Ts are crossed and i’s dotted when looking into a DeFi platform user should be good. Never a such thing as too much research before investing into something. Remember…we all work hard for our money. We should always work that much harder to keep it secure :green_heart:


Obviously Defi is the future of blockchain. I love defi.


Scammers will be wherever the trend will go. Beware of always checking the contract address of tokens that you buy on Uniswap for example. Scammers infiltrate fake tokens for people to swap. Human errors are common, they always try to take advantage of any situation. In case of fomo, people tend to worry less on security precautions. Always be safe.


Scammers will actually join in the long run, therefore people should be careful

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I saw the potential of this coin as the growth of DEFI great use case as a bridge between traditional finance and blockchain will catch more attention on vigilant crypto enthusiasts and institutional investors.


Research before investment is mandatory


Absolutely! DeFi will change alot of things

DeFi simply is present this to us: “Don’t trust, verify”

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In the near future I can see defi can replace banks the decentralized nature of defi makes many people or investors decide to instead put their money on it because no one can control their assets while in a bank you cannot do this.


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It is well said that look before you leap. Anywhere you want to invest your hard earned money always ensure that you do your research very well before putting your money. My candid advice. Scammers will always be everywhere.

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Yeah defi is very good project

Of course!
No need to trust government to not print more money overnight.
No need to trust bank to safely store our money.
No need to trust our assets to a financial adviser when investing…No handing the control of our money over to others…
DeFi is gonna put an end to that!

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Someone should tell me about Defi