What is the biggest risk of trading coin & token

the longer the more coins and tokens in circulation what is the biggest effect


Your emotion, if you can’t control thats too much risk :heart_eyes:


Coins and Tokens are at equal risk. Currently, the alternative name of the Crypto Trading world is Risky. Crypto markets are unregulated and uncontrolled. Yesterday there was a flash crash due to Binance and Coinbase not able to handle volume of trades. A famous South Korean exchange Bithumb was shut and staff arrested by the National authorities.

Trading and speculation have high risk high rewards combination. Like one does in the stocks market, if you bet on the top tickers you are relatively safe as they are established on those positions after being traded heavily, so it limits the risk and limits the profits.

Take the example of YFI - In many podcasts and AMA sessions, it was called a risky flop show. Nobody understood the sentiments of the traders and here we are, as per trading data in July it was for $1000 and in just over one month, it has given All time high of $33,975. Whopping return of 3300%

Take the example of YAM - Launched with much fanfare, at approx $90, reached $138 and due to a faulty code crashed to under $1 same day and died at 0.02 Return (Loss) of - 99.97%.
Now Yam version 2 is available

If you get anxious with your money, you can safely earn by lending stable coins so your investment remains safe. BUSD, TUSD, USDT, USDC and many more. Check the reliability and use the DeFi platforms carefully

One important point - Don’t put the money, you can’t afford to lose and join the rollercoaster :slight_smile:


biggest risk that coin will be de-value to simplify it could go to zero.


The biggest risk is trading what you cannot afford to lose, should in case the unforseen happens.


IMO, the biggest risk is losing all your funds due to lack of knowledge about trading. That’s why it is advised to always do your in depth research.

Let it sink in, trading is not for everybody. You can stake, save and get passive income.


It’s for one to not know what he or she is doing.


You really hit the main point.

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