When DOGE gets to $1

I read some days ago (not here) that $DOGE is going to touch the $1 price which I believe can be because there is no way bitcoin can avoid the $50k value one day in the future and all the altcoins including DOGE are also going to the moon. Do you think it is the maximum price a doge can touch considerng its huge volume supply?


1$ for DOGE ? that would be sick as hell. i dont know much about the crypto but i know that everything can happen !

There’s a possibility. It has the hype.

Yeah its possible to get that 1$ price but its up to us we need to more research about it inorder not to lose money

Yes… But now I see the TRX is growing fast than DOGE.

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It is hyped, ok, but I don’t think so. Don’t forget it’s still a joke currency.
“Introduced as a “joke currency” on 6 December 2013, Dogecoin quickly developed its own online community.”
Perhaps there are some people out there who have some heavy Doge bags; and if ever the price will reach new highs, they will probably start selling.


your question is '404 'not found. 1doge=1$ wait 3000years


Plus, a $1/Doge would bring it to the marketcap of 125,652,068,727 - which is 3x the current market cap of Ethereum!! Wake up

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Doge has just been there for quite a while now it’s almost like a shit coins to me all other altcoin are doing great burh it’s been there for years the project is something else

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I see it again in youtube where I browse for some info on cryptocurrency. Yeah, I have a lil doubt but crypto world has its own move and action. Anythng can happen.

Not happening. Doge is not gonna reach $1 anytime soon. That’s just crazy.

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Will reach $1, just matter of time :dog:

$TEND reached more than $1 this week :poultry_leg:

I don’t know much about it

I suppose you believed tiktokers which were hyping and pumping doge recently. In my opinions - never. Also - I suggest to don’t trust to any price predictions from Internet clairvoyants. They often try to pump low cap coins there they are holding the already.

Doge’s ath was 0.02 usd so you can compare how ridiculous it is.

Just joks it’s not possible.

2050 may be doge is 1$

I have stopped hoping in doge coin, it’s kinda old to still be below $1 when even newer alt coins are doing really well in the market

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never, but it will never die too because it uses as a tipping coin.

No it is inposbal the when DOGI gets $1

its a big dreem in world