Withdrew BNB from BInance to BNB Smart Chain

@Alan47 Hope you can assist me as well. Thanks! This is a BEP20 network withdrawal of BNB to TW. Thanks in advance.

I withdrew BNB from BInance to BNB Smart Chain address in my trust wallet. WIthdrawal was successful in Binance but still did not receive BNB Smart Chain in my trust wallet.

TW V2.12
Crypto wallet address 0xCBD7a6848c57dCf804430C3372ab54743C818Fe8
Transaction hash 0x688cdaadb1fc9af0b53fb2696a519607a6dbffd2938ca9729f7023ffbab75e80

it took 12 hrs before binance was able to process the withdrawal due to congestion issues and it became successful. But after 12 hours after this, I have yet to receive the BNB in TW.

Please help. Thanks!

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Hello @jamercado08 this transaction hash is invalid or transaction didn’t broadcasted to the blockchain. Contact sender platform for support.