Wrong monay calculation in trust wallet

Hi, i have X2P token which i sell. I pancake swap i swap ammount equals to 0.35 bnb with 10% slipperage. O was supposed to receive 0.32 bnb but instead received 0.032. Price of the token at the time of sell was 0.00000048$. Here is the transaction - 0x39b35868394d5fa6a73eb089aac49d13159ec39bd94eb796682bbf952d08d01e

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Hello @Dim4u that’s the actual amount you received after swapping. In case it is not what you supposed to receive, contact PancakeSwap for support.

Thanks Alan will contact also X2P so i clear it with all 3 sides! So Pancake, Trust wallet and X2P all give their oppinion on it.