Wrong transfer on bep20 platform

Hello, good morning. On the date oct 7,2021of 76 ada on the bep2 network, I transferred from trust wallet

to the bep20 network of the hot bit exchange, but after the last 2 weeks, the house has not been deposited into my account in the hot bit exchange. Please help me recover. Thanks. Documents will also be sent.

Txid is:

Hello @Sajjadfire Your ADA was successfully transferred to the destination address. Please contact the customer support of Hotbit so they can assist you with the deposit issue.

hello bro, my case is also like this, I have been tinkering with both platforms, now I have claimed my transaction on BscScan, but I have not been able to transfer it to my wallet address.

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I called support but they say this:

There’s no ADA-9F4 token listed on Hotbit.
Why have you sent it to your BNB deposit address?

@Sajjadfire there is nothing we can do from our side. If they are not willing to send back or credit your account. Unfortunately, Confirmed blockchain transactions can’t be reversed. You have to be careful next time double check before transacting.

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