XRP failed not in trustwallet anymore

Thankyou to everyone here for all the work and help you give. I am new… and have a problem, which someone of experience may find trivial, and I hope, simple to solve. Last night I purchased into my trustwallet, about 860 XRP. I then transferred(or attempted to) from the trustwallet into another persons wallet, all/Max XRP. Last night it said pending, and this morning said failed. (I assume due to the near-$0.00 gas fee automatically assigned to it it was not processed). However I dont know where the XRP has gone. I have researched as much as I can, and deleted/ re-seeded my wallet, which only removed the $0 XRP from appearing on the list of cryptocurrencies. I have a couple photos which may help. Can someone please help me do the right thing and dig myself out of this hole, because at the moment I am just banging my toes with the shovel and throwing dirt on my head.

@cryptoretard To better assist, please send the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)

  2. Crypto wallet address (press the receive icon near the send button, take a screenshot of the QR code, and attach it here)

  3. Transaction hash or link (if you have any, please copy and paste)

  4. Screenshots of the wallet (including errors or missing balance)

This is saying "sorry you cant imbed media items in a post… i did it just fine when i posted the original post? why is it not letting me add same photos from same place this time??

thanks for making contact Jenny.
the version is 5.2. the receiving address for receive>>xrp is shown in the QR code. It appears the same as the one the moonpay sent the XRP to.

there are no other relevant photos I took before I tried reseeding wallet…

thats weird XRP is back on the list after I took a screenshot of its QRcode/adrress was but it has no transaction history when i click on it. I assume because I reseeded the wallet?

@cryptoretard You should be able to attach media now.
Also can you check the wallet you sent the XRP to, as it may have been deposited but shown failed on your Trust app.

@JennyMillan thank you again for your time. It is not in my friends wallet. The following it its transaction XRP Ledger Explorer - XRPSCAN as you can see it went through but it is not in friends atomic wallet

Please does anyone tell me what trust wallet did with them(the appx860 XRP). It wish i had send 2 xrp as a test. But here I am broker than broke halfwY there livin on a prayer. Meh please help anyone. Someone gotra know what happened?

@cryptoretard Please send your XRP receiving address as a plain text .


Is the receiving adrress that is the same one i ‘sent’ the XRP to and same one within the xrpscan link i posted . It has not gone through to that adress. The following is my trustwallet adress/QR code

The following is the fail message from trust wallet:

@cryptoretard Your tokens were received to that address.
You can confirm on the explorer

I can confirm the xrp tokens were not recieved to that adress. Or they are not showing up. I know what the ledger is saying because due to NOT having these tokens transfered caused me to look into what had happened… eg did i get wallet sending or receiving adrress wrong by 1 letter or did I send the wrong currency eg bap2 vs bap20. The wallet sending and receiving adresses are perfect and the network says it sent it however it is not there on the other end. And there is the issue of the ‘pending’ message then 'failed message the next morning within trustwallet…Jenny, could you please ask some of the other moderators who may know a good deal about xrp, different networks and trustwallet/network problems in general… what may possibly have happened/be going on here? Ie if it was indeed sent, which it was, why did it not change the xrp in other wallet? Like it didnt go in at all? And why did trustwallet show a failed message despite other screenshots showing success message? I thank you for your time again… and if you could please get someone else who knows a great deal to give a little time to reading what I have said then it may help a good deal. And if they can help recover this xrp they can have some as payment for their time thats fine too because its dead money at the moment with noone getting anything.

Please check the explorer, you already received the XRP.

I certainly did not receive the xrp and my friend whom i sent it to did not either. Now please yell me abput destination tag that trust wallet says is “optional”. If this field is not filled out, which I did not, because it said ‘optional’. Would that have anything to do with i lt by any chance… anf is there a chance some othet mods could look at his case. And is there a chancE that if something has happened with lack of destinayion tag you could tell me if it is like XRPs made it to the appartment building but never to the unit like i was just reading…

@cryptoretard Did you send the XRP to an exchange or a non custodial wallet?

It was sent to his private wallet on his pc . Do you know how the ledger is written by trustwallet during a transfer?

Aha! Thank you Allan for getting in touch and your offer of assistance.

@Alan47 that is good we got rid of scamming Alan right? So do you, the real Alan, know or know of anyone that knows about xrp ledger and trustwallet coding, the way it works? So we can find what went wrong with trustwallet?