Xrp pending lost ?

Help I had some xrp send to binance in pending

and now I can’t see them on binance or trust wallet

Hello @D.andrei
Please send your receiving address and the transaction hash of the missing token as a plain text.
Also please avoid duplicating posts.


rM8aDUyxyPhE86EmT6ggf7tnE4fSwJiUYv,txid is 7EF8BE2860538A7B586D62633B0DFA8E3E1FCA08D7C49F00454406C9806D3C4F
Sorry about that but I don’t see the transaction hash anywhere

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This is it sorry

You sent 56 xrp to your Binance.
Did you add a tag when sending?

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You I didn’t add any tag .
Sorry for that now how can I get it back ?
Why every time it must at least 70 characters post

Try to follow this guide: How to Retrieve Crypto Deposit with Wrong or Missing Tag/Memo | Binance Support

You may contact them here as well:

So I think this is that tag
I found this on transaction information

This is the screenshot of the transaction information
I hope will help you
Thank you for you patience
I’m kind of noob

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@D.andrei your funds have successfully transferred to your destination address/platform. Contact destination platform support for your deposit issue.

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Thank you very much for your patience :pray: I will contact my destination address

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