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Keep up to date with Trust related news via this channel. You’ll be the first to know about new features, meetups, issues and more!


Use this space to keep up with Trust Wallet and our pursuit to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency. Here you can get a deeper insight into our brand, our visions and where we think cryptocurrency is heading.

Help Center

Learn how Trust Wallet works. Our Help Center is full of useful guides and FAQs that will help you get to the know basics of Trust Wallet, and how to use advanced features like Staking or DEX.


We want to have a healthy community where everyone is heard and reaches the proper audience. Discuss topics that are related to Blockchain or anything in the Cryptocurrency space.

Support & Feedback

Let us know how you like our Wallet and if you find any issues. How have your experiences with our customer support been? Is our App easy to use? Is our website useful? Let us know about any problems you encounter with our App below as well. Our official support team is here to help!


Here you can ask questions around contributing to Trust Wallet as well as using Trust Wallet libraries for your projects.

International Support

Trust Wallet has no language barriers. Have a concern but unable to explain it in English? Post your question here and we will have one of our dedicated members from all over the globe answer your concern.


What features does your vision of a Decentralized Financial System entail? How could Trust help achieve this vision? Our end goal is to build a truly decentralized product, which allows you to seamlessly manage and move crypto around the globe. To achieve this, we’ll need your help!

Centro de ayuda

Aprenda cómo funciona Trust Wallet. Nuestro Centro de ayuda está lleno de guías útiles y preguntas frecuentes que lo ayudarán a conocer los conceptos básicos de Trust Wallet y de qué manera utilizar funciones avanzadas como el Staking o el DEX.

Centro de ajuda

Saiba como funciona a Trust Wallet. Nossa Central de Ajuda está repleta de guias úteis e perguntas frequentes para ajudá-lo a aprender os fundamentos da Trust Wallet e como usar recursos avançados, como Staking ou DEX.