10set coins not showing

Hi there,

Saturday I bought Bep20 10set (tenset) via pancakeswap. As the transfer was a succes I did not receive the coins. I manually added the Bep20 version of 20set and also the erc version just to be sure. Still nothing. Enabled some other coins to see if that worked but still nothing.

Would be nice if someone can tell me how to fix this.

This is the transaction hash:

Hi knowledge,

I do not know. Guess you better start your own topic with the issue to get better results on the matter.

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Hello @Bartv1 it seems your tokens redirected to 0x9551970ad6807648b79d7e08bbd2cff56959f9d6.

Can you copy and paste the DApp link used during swap? Seems like you used fake DApp like from phishers.


This is the address I used to get the Bep20 10set wallet and the transfer. It’s from the tenset.io website


Please provide the following details to allow the team investigate your case and update you accordingly

Screenshot of your wallet version
Harsh contract copy and pate
Copy Current contract received
And any other documents that helps

Thank you

Transaction hash:


That’s where your tokens went. They didn’t came to your wallet. Where did you get the PancakeSwap link from? Send the PancakeSwap link used too here.

Seems like the normal site. Like said my other transaction went through the same pancake router addresses

@Bartv1 try to contact PancakeSwap for this issue then. Your funds redirected to different address. Not the original address which approved the transaction.

Yeah if you follow that adress it seems as everything went back to tenset for some reason and not into my wallet what is very strange. Or so I misread the logs?

I know 2% of the transaction goes back to 10set. But do not know if that is what that address is for.

I agree that it is strange to see that the coins went to that adress when I was buying with my trust wallet and logged in on te normal pancakeswap site. Pancakeswap does not seem to have a service desk or something like that

@Bartv1 there is nothing we can do from our side. Make sure you trust the DApps you are interacting with, otherwise they can transfer your funds.
Read more about malicious DApps: The Risks of Using DApps