After 14 days, the DOGECOIN currency transfer situation is still pending and Unspent status


Hi Dears
the problem still exists
Although my wallet shows I have 2,895 amount of DOGECOIN but I can’t transfer my DOGECOIN balance to another wallet.
You can see in attachment my wallet status and pending DOGECOIN balance.
please open URL in below and see pending transaction details:

1- My Wallet app version: 1.27.2
2- Crypto Address: D6ctvnZeYiL2YUizGovAkJDD3q4VUGQscL
3- Hash (TXID): 69183abb4870db4e46eafd2458ab9631407af7dab8e241b9052012e990f59300

Kindly please resolve my problem so I can transfer and sell my DOGECOIN balance.
I need money for my mother’s surgery.😞
Many Thanks for your support,

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my issue is resolved
My DOGECOINS returned to my wallet and the transaction failed,

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Hi @Arsham,

You need to wait for the Dogecoin miners to confirm your transaction. If it is still unconfirmed for a couple of weeks, then the network will drop it automatically.