BNB(BSC) from Binance not credited

I have same problem i sent bnb to trushwallet and in bscscan completely but not credited in my truhwallet ( bsc)

@Mshana @Taufiktamin22 @Jcomandari00 @Falniq Hey,
Kindly provide us the following details for better assistance,

  1. Your Trust wallet app version (Click on setting > about & take an screenshot. attach It here.)
  2. Your Crypto address. ( Click on receive near to send option. Take a screenshot, Attach It here)
  3. Transaction Hash / ID ( write down, If you have any)
  4. Screenshot from the wallet. (Errors, Balance aren’t displaying etc.)
  5. Explanation of your Issue. (Ignore, If already did)

Address 0xBF68ea98bE44d3A722a74dc88430b272b94EdB30
Txh idea

Vision 2.28.1

It shows it completed but no funds showing on my app and it been a week know since last weekend

Txid: 0x047c4cf528ed4d8287bf929bbb8abe93a7742d2d3d08eef7552deb3df208dab4

Trustwallet version: 5.21(5210)

Bcs wallet address: 0x1e6C18fab9F42DF3a2d3A3849350064258Ed1898

Same thing has happened to me, but it was transferring ETH from Binance to Trust. I accidentally put BEP20 network instead of ERC20.
I’ve realised you can’t add images to replies so i’ll type it out
Here’s my app version:

Here’s my crypto receive address: (for ETH)


Here’s my transaction ID:

I can’t show you my wallet because i can’t attach an image but i have 0 ETH currently. please help:)

I should have 0.3ETH as i transferred it just used the wrong network. Please help as I know it’s somewhere with you. Thanks

Hi there,
The transaction you made is on Binance smart chain so you need to enable peg version of that asset. Search for ETH in the app and enable which has BEP20 underneath the name.

Here’s a guide to follow :
How to Add or Remove a Coin

@moosh420 You should also follow the same steps. You have peg Ethereum on your address too

What about mine? It was sent on the right network. BEP20

Txid: 0x047c4cf528ed4d8287bf929bbb8abe93a7742d2d3d08eef7552deb3df208dab4

Your coins were deposited right then you swapped them to safemars.

Same thing happened to me, I have been waiting since the 21st of April and have sent a support ticket and replied to the email from trust wallet to no avail. It wont let me embed screenshots, however if you check my emails I have sent them numerous times. I have also spoke extensively to binance who say the transaction has completed successfully on their end.

App version: 5.21 (5210)

Trust Wallet Address: bnb1nnvyyce5tdur0gpchxs2hrr7lmqxf4gqt8twwn

TxID: 98B409AC8CA84993D2A907A9F750C2054398FAE3643CD28CF45F8E713416EB89

I had the same issue here


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Good morning even know I’m falling to do so I can be able to access or retrieve it to my account

Couldn’t got you here. Please explain your concern. Would love to help.

I sent BNB through from binance to trust wallet,it says completed on binance

Good day I’m still falling to do the process of relocating my funds that I’ve send with wrong nertwok still know it say completed but not arrived on my account

Where can I find ethurum peg on my app so I can enable it so it can release my funds

Please use the search option in the app (top right corner) and search there. I already shared an article guide above for you.

I attempted to swap Safe moon for Binance Smart Chain and now I have lost it. approx $160 USD



I have added every coin and cannot find the balance

Please share correct details. You have given contract address of a token & Pancakeswap. Please the details I asked above