BNB Unavailable

I have been trying to buy BNB for the last two days but I continue to get an error. The error says it is unavailable. I have attached a screenshot of the error.

Please help and thanks.


I am getting the same exact result. I just signed up today. Really trying hard here to find a pair for safemoon…


Getting the same here. Can’t buy anything -_-. Need 70 characters so here’s some more typing.

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I have the same issue with every crypto. Just spins for a bit then tells me not available. Really hard to start using your app if it doesn’t work.

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I figured out how to do it. You have to raise your amount to 200$. Seems to be the min to buy.

I’ve tried $150, $200, $500 still not working. Been trying all day and yesterday. I guess Simplex is out of BNB.

They may have paused the transactions for that currency due to the fact that lots of people are trying to buy it in order to get safemoon

Yes. Safemoon has broken BNB and Bitmart exchanges.

Way to go guys! Sheesh.

How you fix this problem ? I got the same issue like you , please help

I couldn’t buy any BNB either. I was able to get LTC, but if I try to exchange it I’m told I have an insufficient amount. I’m not sure if there is a required holding time before you’re allowed to swap or exchange. Either way, it’s very frustrating.

Please read the response here: I want to buy BNB, but it says not available - #5 by iamdeadlyz