Busd to binance transfer insufficient BNB


Can somebody assist me please :frowning:

Yes please thanks in advance!!


I just did the exact same thing, cant send the busd back to binance. What do I do?!

Hi i have same problem i send from binance to yrustwallet BUSD ERC20 and i need to send back to binance for swapp can you help me some one to send me 2$ or 3$ ethernium to transfer my money to binance please

my ethernium addresse


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bnb1gl3z87wuemx5g24gtv9sgvcqcqewzrqw6h5r7w anyone able to help me? thanks

Hi i am having the same lroblem could you please help

Thank you kindly

My address is


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First time using to swap in trust wallet
Can some one help me plz


Hi Daojin,

I am so sorry to be a bother, I have 3.5 USDT and 40 BUSD stuck in my trust wallet that I want to change it to smart chain BNB. I have unfortunately no funds in my checking account and wont be paid till two weeks and I wanted to make an urgent transaction. Is there anyway you could help me out?

Looking at it, it links to normal BNB not smart change BnB. Thanks for that! Sorry you had to send that unnecessarily, but yeah if you can spare 0.0001 BNB then here’s that one


I really appreciate this man


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This is my bnb address.

This is my smart chain address.

Thanks …

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Hi I am also stuck. Transferred BUSD from Binance to Trust wallet, wanted to go via pancake to purchase safe moon. Realised that is a mistake and need to transfer back to Binance to convert to BNB but it says not enough Eutherum, I have $20 in eutherum?! I also got a friend to transfer some dollars in BNB but it says charges via Euth

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I am new to cryptocurrency. I transfered busd to my trust wallet but i didnt have any BNB in my wallet. I tried transfering to BNB but it don’t have any BNB to pay fees… Can someone help me? My funds are stuck and i can’t do anything…

This is my BNB smart chain adress… 0x214db9A9f04F9075Df515778210ee513D083e40b can someone please help me?

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That’s my bnb, it would be a huge help and would save me cash, thank you so muc

Hi mate I’m new to trust app and am having the same problem. It says I have no funds in my BNB wallet I need to transfer my BUSD to BNB so I can purchase moon chain. Please may you help me out I’m stuck and have been trying all day. My code for smart chain wallet is 0xe5c6C4b19E581E470bDD0EEdF58a315B0868C31D

Thank you in advance

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My BNB wallet adress: bnb15dlqnssed8f9lglpgny69009mlfyagq3lktwrr

Im still stuck on the swap… id didnt work yet


Hello everyone~

To all new users, welcome to the community. When transacting on the blockchain, network fees are needed so that the miners/validators can process your transaction. Learn more here:

If you address starts with 0x, then you are transacting in the Binance Smart Chain. You need to have Smart Chain BNBs in your wallet.

Where to get Smart Chain BNBs?

If it starts with bnb, then you simply need BNB.

Where to get BNBs?

I’ll lock this thread so the other users can see this immediately.