Can’t do anything with my tether

Hi. I have $274 of Tether TRC20 in my wallet but I can’t swap it for anything else. It also won’t let me use on pancake swap to purchase another token. When I connect my TW to pancake swap it doesn’t show the balance I have in my wallet so I can’t buy anything. It also won’t let me move it anywhere else as it keeps saying the address is wrong when I try to move it elsewhere.

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It is not possible to swap TRC20 tokens within the app currently. The Built-In DEX will only list coins or tokens that is already trading on popular DEXes.

If you cannot find your token then you need to send it to a centralized exchange.

Learn more here: What Is The DEX Inside Trust Wallet?

What to do: send your USDT TRC20 to Binance and withdraw as USDT BEP20, to be able to trade on PancakeSwap.

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Thank you. I don’t have a Binance account yet it’s been awaiting approval for months. I did try to send it to Bitrue and blockchain but it says invalid tron address when I try to send.

Trying to send to blockchain and even tried sending to a friend with a Binance account and every time I paste in the address it says invalid tron address.

Hi, make sure you copy tron address from the exchange and paste it to the trust wallet.

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That’s what I we did and it keeps giving that error and we’ve tried several different addresses. :disappointed:

Can you share the address you want to send your tokens to and error screenshot too?

Thanks for helping. This is the blockchain address to receive

Unless I’m doing something wrong it won’t let me attach screenshot. Keeps saying I can’t embed image.

Sorry. And this is my friends Binance address and i get the same exact error message.


@Davidsamra those are not TRC20 addresses the one is BEP20/ERC20 and the second one is BEP2 address.
Go to Binance and select USDT TRC20 address
Here example from screenshot:

Hi. So my friends binance won’t allow him to choose trc20. Only erc20 or bep2
Trying to attach screenshot and it won’t let me.

OK so I think I am able to send it to atomic wallet but it’s telling me I don’t have enough trx to cover network fees

so I am able to send it to atomic wallet but it’s telling me I don’t have enough trx to cover network fees. Says I need 7.1 trx. I’m guess I need to buy trx

Do you know Which trx I need to buy to cover fees? I see four:

I have a problem with sending usdt trc20 , a message that say you dont have enough trx for network fee . Can someone help me please with a little trx ?
This is my code: