Can’t unstake KAVA and COSMOS (atom)

Hi, I tried unstaking KAVA and COSMOS (atom) as in the guideline, but I get a message saying insufficient kava balance. Please help…

KAVA Wallet Address : kava1s74mxfay5w2tswu22k4hd6xqmz4zh2lf455n48

COSMOS Wallet Address : cosmos16smytl8myl0fasa0f07zqsulmjy2yamjzn2k23


please help me …

Hi @saeed_g21 The mistake is that you did not leave any kava and atom for transaction fees

small amount of Available ATOM needs to be on the wallet in order to pay for the transaction fees, about 0.001 ATOM

You will need the same amount of kava also for fees.


Exactly 21 days since the currency was stacked

I select the withdrawal amount less than the inventory, but it gives an error again and I can not even withdraw the stealing reward

Hi, please read the article

You have already staking all the balance now available 0 You need some kava and Atom to pay the network fee to claim the rewards or cancel the staking.

Thanks, I charged some wallets and was able to get out of steak mode

It has been in the pending state for almost 1 hour now and has not been fully returned to the wallet

You can track the unbonding period for KAVA here: Mintscan - Chain explorer by COSMOSTATION

For COSMOS, you didn’t initiate the unstaking process yet, as you don’t have any available ATOMs: Mintscan - Chain explorer by COSMOSTATION

That means I have to wait 21 days for the currency to return to the wallet to cancel the steak ?

Correct. We also sent you a small amount of ATOMs and it looks like you successfully initiated the unstaking process. Wait for it to finish as well :+1:

Thank you very much, but I did not know that I would have to wait 21 days to cancel

You’re welcome. It’s ok. Please do your due diligence next time:

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