Can't Buy BNB "Not Available"

I can’t buy BNB on my Trust Wallet. Anything BEP2 or BEP20 on my wallet read “not available” for the credit card servicer. I bought from simplex just one day ago, but today I can’t and it’s been 12 hours.

App ver. 1.29.3
Wallet Core 2.6.4

How do I fix?


I think they that they ran out of smart chain and bnb… this happend a few months ago… I hope they fix it soon.


This makes sense and sucks at the same time. How long did it take for them to fix the last time?

And would you happen to know how to use the ERC20 BUSD token?

Hi, me too having the same problem last 24h “not available “ hope they can fix soon

having the exact same issue! is it really just a wait and see and then try again???
any other way to purchase safemoon?

My trust wallet is also saying not available for everything under $150 but minimum states $50 so if I could buy $150 that means they aren’t out of coins to sell because apparently they have $150 worth available. Fix this :rage: please it’s been a week for me. I have purchased before. I have version 1.29.6 wallet core 2.6.4

Hi everyone, please read the previous response here to know more about this issue: I want to buy BNB, but it says not available - #5 by iamdeadlyz