Chainlink BEP2 - Not Available Cant Swap Like other Tokens

I am facing the following problem and hope that the community can help.
Have been using the Trust Wallet for the last few months and do like the ease of use etc.

The problem I am having is that I cant convert USD BEP2 to Link BEP2 or vice versa.
Strange thing is that I have the options to convert USD BEP2 to ETHBEP2 or BTCBEP2 and even ADABEP2 and DOTBEP2.

Is Chainlink just not available as BEP2 on the Dex or am I missing something?
It would be great just to swap between assets like I do for minimal costs on the BEP2 network like I do for ETH,BTC,DOT and ADA.

Chainlink does show as ERC20 token but I dont want to go that route because of the speed and costs of transactions.

Thanks for the help

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Hi @tylerdurden,

LINK BEP2 is not yet listed on Binance DEX. They have to list it first so we can integrate it in the app.

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