Coinmarketcap earn 1inch


Someone have problem with recieving earnings from CMC like me? I have never get any coins for squeezes completing, but all my friends got’em few weeks ago all with same answers like me

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I got notting I really do not know why

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If you played by the rules and answered the quiz correctly and have a verified Binance account you will receive the earnings.

I think my account dropped out of the campaign for unknown reasons, because the answers were the same in same moment and my friends received charges on the same day a long time ago

Like I said, if you followed the rules you will receive your earnings.

Has anyone found answers to the quiz on the short videos? Pls post the answers here.

Check this link for the answers: CoinMarketCap Earn Campaign With 50,000 1inch Reward Pool

How do I verify my account I’m trying to invest again bt I need to verify my trust wallet any help would be appreciated

@Jaybae there is no account verification on Trust wallet. I’m not sure what are you talking about.

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Send me your what’s digits then I’ll send the a Pic of what it shows me

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