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Hi there,

I am a holder of NDC (nanodogecoin). They stopped selling on their coin and started a migration to the new contract. ( / contract address: 0xd3af8e09894d69e937e37eef46df1cbf82b35c81 )

In order to migrate i have to connect my wallet to their website. I have to give staking permission and migration approval aswell.

Is there a chance they can sell all other coins i’m holding? Is there also a way to see what permission or approval i’m giving when connecting / staking or migrating?

Thank you

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Hello @Potatoridge yes, there’s a possibility of losing your funds if it is malicious DApp. Read more here: The Risks of Using DApps

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Ah i see thanks. Is there a way to check what the code is behind the migrate etc function?