dApp Removal Wallet Connect on iOS

Hi all

While I understand the reasons for the removal of the dApp browser, as a Mac only user I’m obviously disappointed and need to highlight the fact that Wallet Connect doesn’t work on many occasions (I mostly use Brave)

Being forced to use Android and possibly Chrome is frustrating as a solution generally as I have my set up the way it is because I choose not to use those. I hope my current phone and iOS version continues to work if I don’t update it.

I have had a great experience using TrustWallet as well as holding TWT - by way of feedback and with no bitterness or knee jerk reaction, I’m sorry to say I would rather move to another wallet for dApp access (while it lasts) and for convenience would probably stop using TW :frowning:

I guess there would need to be more widespread discussions with Apple, and has been an ongoing issue for developers. I would happily support any efforts to reach out to Apple and any future dApp access would have me back in an instant

Thanks for a great app otherwise and I hope this all gets resolved



Hello @Operatam,

Thank you for your feedback. As much as the Trust Wallet team wants to retain the DApp feature, it is a must to adhere to their guidelines. Regarding the Wallet Connect issues, the team is currently making improvements to the said feature.

Thanks for sticking with us, have a great day/night ahead.

Hi again!

Hope all is well with you

I will have to fully test Wallet Connect with a browser on the iPhone - again I would like to use Brave, so if that all works we’re good

To be clear, currently it’s Wallet Connect running on my MacBook Pro that encounters issues on some platforms and still running Mac OS 10.12.6

I’ve helped a few people get set up with TrustWallet, so I will be looking for a working solution as people new to Crypto struggle as it is, and it would be great to have the easiest solution for them as well as me

Thanks again for being in touch - you have a great one too!


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You’re welcome. It should work fine on your iPhone with Brave.

Sharing the linking guide here:

If you ever encounter any issues, do not hesitate to create a new thread. Cheers!

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