Deposit Fiat in an easy and affordable way

It has been dropped multiple times but this feature would be really an advantage to TW:

Deposit Fiat in an easy AND affordable way.

Currently you only can do this half way in the process of swap/ trade and you’ve got to go to an untransparent funnel to get a Moonpay account first where you got stuck in their KYC Online Verification. Obviously I cancelled since I don’t know whether I can succesfully go through the proces and what the time frame nor the fees even are.

The other way is of course to buy coins like XLM or other low transfer fee coins elsewhere and send it to TW but by then you’re likely half an hour further and missed the trading moment.

I believe if TW can incorporate an easy AND affordable way to people to bring money into TW… wouldn’t that be a huge User Experience gain for the user and a huge advantage to TW.

Affordable is key because 5-10% fees currently charged on SEPA or CC transactions are in the age of blockchain downward ridiculous.

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Hello @gaudi buying crypto feature in Trust Wallet is provided by 3rd party not Trust wallet, open ticket to the provider you selected when buying crypto: List of Cryptocurrency Providers