Dogecoin DOGE mistake...

I’m still fairly new to crypto. With that said, when I went to send my doge from to trust wallet, so I could do a few more things and have more options, I typed in doge and hit it and grabbed the link, sent it just fine and we’re all good.

I tried, struggled, and ultimately have failed to convert the doge coin to anything or swap it via trust wallet. Just a little bit ago I was doing something and stumbled across Dogecoin DOGE,Dogecoin DOGE, and Dogecoin DOGE then I see that under them, one is blank, one says BEP2, and one says BEP20. When I initially transferred from to trust, and typed in doge, it only came back with the one that was blank. I spent 50 dogecoin just to send to trust, and now I can do anything with it, I even tried to send back to to see about doing it again under either BEP2 or BEP20 and can’t send it back, it took more than 48 hours and then errored out.

Now I’m sitting here, having spent 50 dogecoin at .31 to send it to trust, and can’t do anything with it. SO, what options do I have to get my crypto converted to what it needs to be? Also, how do I do that since I’m still new and really can’t afford to waste more money. My ultimate goal is I’m trying to switch from Dogecoin DOGE (blank) to safemoon. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hello, I do have the same problem. I was only able to use dogecoin adress, the bep20 adress comes up as error. But transaction error out. How to get dogecoin from trust wallet to Binance?

Hi, @jlingg87 It is not possible to swap native DOGE (blank) within the app currently. The Built-In DEX will only list coins or tokens that is already trading on popular DEXes.
Learn more here Trust built in DEX: What Is The DEX Inside Trust Wallet?

What to do: send your DOGE coin to exchange such as Binance or any other and Exchange to BNB then withdraw BNB as BEP20 you can be able to spend it on PancakeSwap for buying safemoon.

@Th3ke it seems you have Doge native coin in your wallet. You can only transfer it to native doge address not BEP20 to avoid losing your funds.