Don't withdrawal Busd from watch wallet

I don’t withdrawal my Busd and bnb to watch only address. Please help me out of this situation. I have bnb and Busd in my watch only wallet.


Hello @Gupta811 watch only means you imported wallet address instead of wallet recovery phrase. Import your recovery phrase to have full access of your wallet. Here’s how to import: How to Import a Wallet via Recovery Phrase

But I don’t have access, some one withdrawal today. I receive messages from trust wallet for withdrawal. Now I have bnb, should I save it

@Gupta811 it seems like it is not your wallet. If you are the real owner you should have a recovery phrase of the wallet as it is given at the time of creating the wallet. Be honest, did you get the address you imported to someone and told you to import and deposit some funds so that wallet will be unlocked? This is common scam nowadays. We’ve seen a lot of scenarios like this.