Eth Binance Dex

I exchanged BNB/ETH in my trust wallet app and I expected to get Ethereum but I got ETH BEP2 which is the second version of ETH. please how can I convert it back to Ethereum ERC?


You cannot directly convert BNB to ETH on Trust wallet. They are separate blockchains.
You can convert ETH BEP2 to ETH on Binance(dot)com. Just deposit it to the exchange.


These tokens BEP2 can be swapped on for their native assets. You just have to deposit them to the exchange. How to Trade with the Built-In DEX (Swap Option)


You have to do exchange

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Binance dex has only pegged tokens, you have to transfer your funds to Binance exchange and convert/trade to whichever crypto you need.

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What the difference between binance and binance dex are they not both exchange site?


What’s the difference between binance and binance dex?

Binance Centralized exchange ~ CEX

  • A middleman/custodian handles the storage of your funds
  • Centralized crypto-exchanges offer opportunities to deposit funds into an account, trade on margin , open short positions , and trade both crypto/crypto and fiat / crypto pairs.

Binance Decentralized Exchange ~DEX

  • You keep your own funds in a wallet you control no middleman.
  • Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges enable anonymous transactions with minimum information on each individual investor.

Can one switch from binance cex to binance dex, if so, how please?

You just have to transfer your funds from cex to dex, at the moment only bep pegged tokens can be transacted within the binance dex.

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