ETH received, but not showing up in Trust Wallet

I sent ETH from Metamask to Trust Wallet. The transaction has been “received” by Trust Wallet, but the ETH are not showing up. Already re-imported my wallet and checked for updates. Anybody knows what’s going on?

Hello @lauraw,

Looks like you already spent the ETH that you received.

Hey. I am also experiencing a similar issue. I swapped for BNB using pancakeswap but it never showed in my trust wallet even though I can see it on bscscan and pancakeswap. Please how can I solve this?

Bought ETH from use trust wallet, it redirect me to moonpay, it says coin deliver, but nothing shows up.!
Not Transaction, nothing, please help.

Order ID: 440e5e60-7813-46c2-8429-df6237a80c86
Sending to: 0x1256de47f8cc27136f335254bb8257099b80e371
Transaction ID: 440e5e60-7813-46c2-8429-df6237a80c86
Destination wallet address 0x1256de47f8cc27136f335254bb8257099b80e371
Transaction hash: 0x522297471011e0580b906e73133717860ee44adc8568ae2b6844136a64960b96

Yes, it took for hours to receive it, but it’s OK now :slight_smile: Thank you. It’s solved.


I still see nothing in the wallet. I bought this morning. Please help, I have no idea what happened.

Hi @Nickyeung,

The third-party crypto providers like MoonPay, Simplex, etc. are taking time in distributing the bought cryptos due to the increased demand. It is best to contact them directly. Ticket links can be checked here: