Failed Transaction charged $194 Gas fees

Today, I tried to purchase Shiba Inu with ETH and the transaction was showing it was processing, then after about 30 seconds it FAILED and still charged me $194.00 gas fee. Why was I charged $194 on a failed transaction? It gave this error:

! Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Out of gas]


5 Ether ($xxxxxx) - [CANCELLED]


This was using Uniswap in the Trust Wallet app on Android. I am using version 2.11

The app does not charge a fee but there is a network fee that will be paid to the miners.

Once you try and send an amount, it automatically calculates the fees.

Learn more here:

Thank you for the response. I understand Trust Wallet doesn’t charge any fee and it is just a wallet. But no one should be charged for a transaction that didn’t happen. That is stealing…whoever is doing it, is stealing money…period.

Please read this

yeah ETH has high gas fees right now, that’s why I use pancakeswap. used it to buy some Floki