Have been trying to with from watch only

Have been trying to with from watch only.
How can I withdraw or transfer my watch wallet


Hello @adekunle1201

Thanks for reaching out to us. Watch wallet feature is designed for watching/monitoring the wallet by importing address.

The scammer gave you a watch-only wallet and pretended it was yours. However, a watch-only wallet does not give you the ability to send those assets out since you do not control its seed phrase or private key.

Read more: How to Import a Watch Address


How do I withdraw from my watch wallet or make it a regular wallet? Help, my life is falling apart


I have the same situation. I wanted my watch wallet to become a regular wallet. I did the instructions from trust but it still the same. Maybe I need a hacker.

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@Czarinna28 All you need is find the right seed phrase to your wallet or if you backed up using the Drive option in your Trust app.
You can’t access it any other way

I have the seed phrase but it still the same. I did the regular wallet using the same seed phrase but it doesn’t appear. What should I do? I’m so down right now. :sob:

@Czarinna28 You should check for the right set of words then if it’s not correct.

Hey, my partner received a watch only wallet. He got a contract to free this money.
They say he need to pay an escrow 13746 euro.
Tje cotract is really weird. It’s composed by :
Central blockchain authorities
Threadneedle street, London
England, United Kingdom

If i google it, indon’t find it. Is this a scam?

@Bbelle That’s 100% a scam.

I thought so. Blockchain is a decentralised way of working. So a central blockchain authority seems really strange.
You think there is a way to recover his money?
The company he works with is Moon-star.

@Bbelle I highly doubt that, it’s best to count your loss and do proper research next time.
Here’s also a helpful guide: