Help needed can’t transfer my dogecoin

Wallet version 5.22 on apple iOS

Crypto address : DMZd5wgHwe9b3m2j1AFnzuDTuq5Kjyf5eE

Transaction hash:

All I’m trying too do is transfer my dogecoin back too Binance so I can sell and convert too another coin

Unable too load screenshot says I can’t Embed pictures too post

@Carisma1987 your current transaction is pending due to low transaction fee. The latest app version has accurate calculations for Doge transaction fee, you have to update it.
Please be informed that you cannot cancel nor speed up the transaction using the app. You have to wait for the Dogecoin miners to confirm your transaction. It may take a lot of time if your network fee is low. If it is still pending for a long time, the network will automatically drop and cancel your tx.

Yeah iv had it go back in so iv tried again how do I go about upping the fee as it’s automatic? Also iv checked the updates within the App Store and they isn’t an update for it :-/

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Just checked again and these an update that got added today so I’ll download and wait till it gets cancelled again … how do I up the fee too make it go though faster ?

The latest app version has accurate calculations for Doge transaction fee. To increase manually, when sending Doge on confirmation screen, tap on gear button on top right corner and input it manually.

I have tried to send it more than 5 times now.
Keeps pending everytime, and after a day or two it just gets back on my wallet (trust).
It does not send the doge to binance wallet.
I am tires of this as i cant do nothing with this coin.

Can somebody help me really out?

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Found your address

on the dogechain dot info

To be clear, you have the native Dogecoin. You are trying to send to Binance (not US site) Doge (dogecoin chain) address, is this correct?

I believe so yes I originally bought the coin on Binance and sent it over too trustwallet not understanding I couldn’t convert or sell within the app so I’m trying too just send it back too Binance too convert so I can invest in other crypto within trustwallet but I just can’t seem too send it over atm it’s still pending … I believe it is the original naive coin yes

The official Binance site (not the US version), has options to send Doge out as BEP20.

Did you copy the Binance dot com Doge (dogecoin chain) address to receive from Trust?

I copied the from the dogecoin address not bep2 or bep20 if that is what your meaning bud and I’m in the Uk using the Binance app

I believe I am having the same issue.
Please forgive my elementary wording, but I am wondering if you have two Dogecoins in your Trust Wallet Token list: one with a bright yellow icon with a white font capital D, and another one with a more dull yellow color, with a more dull white font capital D with the Shiba Inu image in the background.
I am guessing your issue is with the coins associated with the first token I described.

Yes, we have like 3 dogecoin token there, the first one, the BEP2 and BEP20(BSC). Confirm which you are sending from and make sure it’s the same with the Binance address

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When I bought dogecoin, the tokens were assigned to the ‘first’ Dogecoin token, the not the BEP2 or BEP20(BSC) versions. Is there a way within Trust Wallet to transfer or swap dogecoin token from non-BEP2/20 to a BEP version?

That’s strange, cos if was the normal dogecoin it should be able to send to Binance. Okay try swapping your dogecoin for $Eth then send $Eth to Binance and so on. Do you understand?

Andrew I have same issue. shows recipient network fee no confirmation and transaction time, when I click on more detail it brings up blockchair and shows priority is low but unconfirmed. I can’t change nounce or gas price. I think ive stuffed up and lost my money.

Worked fine with other coins but not doge coin. Had two successful transfers with others from trust wallet to Binance

I do not see any way to do that as the non-BEP2/20 dogecoin is not visible in Dex for a Swap or
Exchange, nor is it visible in any browser app ike pancake swap.

From trust wallet the only options are Send or Receive, so I do not understand how to proceed
to swap the non-BEP2/20 dogecoin for anything else.

Hi there,

Trust wallet Only allows to trade / swap Erc-20, BEP2 & BEP20 standard tokens in the app. The coin/s you have aren’t in any standard of these. Due to this, You can’t swap your Doge coins in the dex. Please move them to any exchange platform and trade there.

Learn more about built-in DEX here: What Is The DEX Inside Trust Wallet?