How do I get the trust wallet default address

When I started using the Trust Wallet I had to access the default address to send the many various crypto’s too and not individual addresses, can this still be done? Whats the minimum amount of Binance Smart Chain Coin Must be in the wallet to receive crypto in wallet?

Hello @yesir yes, you can manually enable from the top right corner too, read more: How to Add or Remove a Coin

There’s no minimum, any amount can be deposited.

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whats the minimum (BSC) to send somewhere else please from the wallet?

@yesir amount should be enough to covered transaction fees,


what amount is the minimum as there is no (BSC) in the account currently?

I need (BSC) to move to tokens out how much is required, please? Do you understand?

@yesir fee will be displayed when trying to send your tokens as fee is not static. For approximation 0.2-1$ per transaction.

I have not been able to send my cryptocurrencies and not been able to withdraw it
What should i do about it

@Goodie35 send all details asked on this thread please: Trying to send both BNB and ETH to someone - #2 by Alan47