How to perform sync

how do i perform sync in trust wallet.
one of my coins (TKing) has new contract address. In my wallet both old and new coins show up but the value is still linked to the old address.
TKing admin people said I need to perform sync.
What is this sync and how to perform.

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Hello @kchalise there’s no sync in Trust Wallet and never share or input your address on any 3rd party sites or forms.

About swapping your tokens from old to new tokens, ask respective project for directions but don’t share your wallet recovery phrase.


Hi in the other case I can’t connect to metis swap and when I’m asking, a person said to me I must sync my wallet with this site " dex/ and I can connect to it and when I opened the site it wants my recovery phrase!! Is it scam ? That’s a scam, never give out your recovery keys.