How To Stake Cake, Syrup To Earn TWT

Please I need more information specially on how to earn TWT from stacking cake. Thanks.

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Buy cake on pancakeswap , you can find on trust wallet dapps, when you already have cake , click icon pancakeswap ( top left ) , then click line 3 , select syrup pool , then stack your cake to get twt or other

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Alright, thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

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Guys, could anyone help me to understand basis of staking. It says TWT>Cake pool is here until 29 Dec, yet there’s ~130k cakes left in the pool to earn from staking. It means on 29 Dec the earning will stop and you’ll need to harvest Cakes and unstake TWT, or just no new users will be accepted and 130k will continue its distribution at the same rate? So you can earn a few more months.


This is correct understanding with respect to staking


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Hi all - wondering whether folks have advise about the inverse process (unstaking from the various pools?) Seem to be encountering issues when I try to do through my TW. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @BoboMcLaren Remember you need #Smart Chain for gas/tx fee in order to unstake. And be certain to be using latest version of the Trust Wallet app.