I can't send my eth , no transaction . Try it several times

To better assist, can you provide us the following information:

1.Trust Wallet app version
2.Crypto address
3.Screenshots of the wallet (errors, if any)

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Version 1.14.5

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You need to set high fee, like 500 gwei gas price to make it through… otherwise it will return timeout error (504). Mempool is full, can’t take any txs.


Using 1200 gwei still time out 504.


I can’t trade my eth either , it shows 0 eth.

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Please, what is the version of your application, make sure it is the latest version.

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Same is happening for me. Have upped the gas, deleted, re-downloaded and restored my wallet and am still unable to send txs

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Currently using V 3.6 (366) on iOS

I just delete and re download it . It’s the newest version.

You can only exchange BNB < > BEP2 tokens or BEP2<> BNB What Is The DEX Inside Trust Wallet?

I just sent it out . Using 1000 gwei . Thanks.

Thanks for the update.

I keep getting 504 errors and I have upped gwei to 2500

Hello @Jdp5656 what is the Trustwallet app version please.

Version 3.6 (366) on iphone. I just updated it and I also deleted the wallet and recovered it

I am still getting the 504 error message

Can’t Uniswap or send ETH all morning…yesterday everything was fine…error code 504 no matter what I try…different browsers, no luck…love my Trust wallet any ideas would be much appreciated!

Please update Trustwallet and try again.


Super huge THANK YOU!!..Fixed it…Was there an email heads up on this? Trust Wallet is the bomb!!