I dont have enough TRX to pay for the network, thats Very strange

is there any use now for USDT TRC-20? I thought I could use it in the transactions becaues TRC-20 offers lesser fees but most of exchange site or swaps required ERC-20, and if you swap USDT TRC-20 to ERC-20 in CHANGENOW website, very high exchange fees or maybe very low exchange rate. Is there any way to swap USDT TRC-20 to ERC-20 or to BSC? any exchange or swap? I dont have trx for the gas fee, any other options? If I only by little trx, changes will kill me too

The USDT TRC20 in the app is simply meant for sending and receiving. You cannot swap it to other cryptos as you need to deposit it on an exchange first (like Binance.com).

But how to send usdt trc-20 (i thought it was the cheapest to send) but no, it requires trx for gas fee, :sweat: how to get trx (just enough for the sa fee)

These are the only ways:

Dear Sir,
I have sent usdt to trustwallet but I have to transfer it back to binance now. But i have to pay fee with trx. I don’t have any trx and also i can’t convert my usdt into trx. Could you please help me? I would be very glad if you can help me. My Trx address is below:


Please read the previous response on how to get TRX for transaction fees.

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