I won't stop to ask questions until I get it right, please help

Please, am in need of information about staking TWT.

For the past three to five months now, I have been trying and doing everything that I can do to put my four thousand TWT in staking.

I just discovered that I need to update my trust wallet app to be able to swap my Bep2 TWT to Bep20, I equally discovered that I need BNB as the transaction fee.

These above have been a big deal for me for all these time.

I have swap my TWT Bep2 to TWT Bep20

Cryptocurrency is not easy to figure out without asking questions so, please, how best should I go about it from here?


Hi there, What i did is all my 8700 TWT swap to Cake then I’ve stacked all my cakes, now daily, I can harvest/compound 20+ Cakes to pay miners fee you need to have some small amount of BNB in Smart Chain.


Just swap like 1800 to cake or 1900 , swap 100 into #bnbbep20 for network fee and others and keep or hold the other half (the 2k #twt) in ur wallet, now go to panacakeswap on ur dapp, click on da left option and on pool now scroll down and choose the best pool that sweet u (APY matter also, the more APY the more u earn per block) just approve and stake, happy earning. DYOR to better understand the pool

Click on your twt token and click on more you will get a pool up dialog box at the bottom click on swap to binance chain
Be sure you have smart chain bnb balance to pay for your transaction approve and confirm.

How to make a Crosschain Swap on Trust Wallet

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