Insufficient balance of BNB (however i have)

Dear admin,
i do not know how to create my own topic so writing the problem here.
I want to transform usdt from trust wallet to binance (BEP2),but it says: insufficient balance of bnb. I have around 3 dollars of bnb(smart chain).
Trust wallet app version 5.13 (5135)
usdt address: bnb1mw9qnx0psa3epm29xqj78ylyjsj99se89q8na5
bnbsmart chain address: 0xdD0B3f0F90fe3Ed4db179a11ac39f52e73D89Fc4


HI @yusif99,

The USDT that you have right now is a BEP2 token. While the BNB that you have is on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). You can crosschain swap it to BEP2 by following this guide:


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I have same issue I have 114 usd in my trust wallet but I’m unable to buy any coin

You have to send some BNB (i.e. from Binance exchange) to your BEP20 Smart Chain address (on your Trust Wallet). The BNB (Smart Chain) coin is needed to pay the transaction fee. There’s no other way, I did that before. Also, it will need no more than $3 (1 BNB = 400 USD) worth of BNB for the whole transaction.