Insufficient network fees

Please help me is there other option to swap busd to bnb if I don’t have bnb to pay network fees, l have busd in my wallet I can’t do anything with it can’t trade or withdraw it because I don’t have bnb


Same. Have $TWT and $BNB, but cannot do anything with the $TWT because of “Insufficient network fees”…


Same problem here I think people are trying to purchase BnB token itself to they can make the transaction I’m trying to convert BUSD to smart chain and it keeps saying insufficient network fees (bnb)!

This is much more difficult than I thought

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Same here, anyone have any info on what the deal is? I have BNB and ETH - enough funds in both to cover network fees to swap bnb to bnb smart chain and it says I have insufficient funds for network fees. HELP?

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I have the same Issue if you are able to fix it please update me so I can do the same

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At least this time they didn’t take 70% of my ETH and still didn’t get my Shiba. When I finally was able to attempt to purchase Shiba, it was $97 (I had $102) so I had some wiggle room yet it still failed


I think the same happened to me. Did yours fail? Mine did. I am unsure if my ETH is now lost…

Here is my transaction hash

Glad you got some Shiba

I can’t transfer my Safemoon v1 to v2 because I don’t have enough BNB in my Trust Wallet account. I do have some Binance Pegged ADA and DOT, so I tried to swap some of those over to BNB, thinking that this would do the trick, but I don’t have enough BNB funds to cover the network fee of this swap.

I really don’t know what to do at this point. Been spending hours fretting over this and feel lost.

Can anyone please help?

Hello @dodobird41
You can deposit a little amount of BEP20 BNB (Smartchain) to be used as gas fees when swapping BEP20 tokens.

Thanks @JennyMillan

Dumb question - but how can I go about doing that? I don’t have any crypto on the binance network except for these few on my Trust Wallet. I have crypto on coinbase pro, kraken, and kucoin…

You can choose to purchase BNB on your Trust app through our 3rd party providers

Or you can deposit from an exchange or another wallet to your Trust app.

Yeah, I don’t want to deposit a minimum of $50 just to cover a gas fee. If I deposit from an exchange, it needs to be on the binance chain, though, right? How can I transfer some of my crypto from kucoin, kracken, or coinbase pro over to trustwallet?

Thanks for your help.

@dodobird41 it is not mandatory to buy from the app. You can deposit from exchange or ask your friends if they have spare BNB.

To transfer from exchange, just copy your BNB address from Trust wallet and paste on withdraw address field on exchange.

thanks @Alan47 - but i thought that i can’t transfer from erc to bnb chains. right? the coins that i have on kukoin, kracken, and coinbasepro are all on erc chain, correct?

sorry…i feel like i’m asking some basic questions that i should know the answer to…so thanks for taking the time to help.

@dodobird41 ERC20 can’t be used to pay gas fees. It should be BEP20 or if it is BEP2 you can crosschain transfer within the app to BEP20, here’s a guide: How to make a Crosschain Swap on Trust Wallet