IOS users and DApps

Thank you for posting this information. I am now confident this is why I can no longer use my Trust Wallet on my iPhone.

I have no plans to change from an iPhone to an Android phone, but the “instructions” identified in the link above DO NOT help an iOS User. Do you have any step by step instructions on how to use SAFARI to access the DApps pieces or not? I successfully ported over some DAI to OUSD minting back in July, but since my most recent TRUST Update, it it no longer connecting to my wallet, or visible in my browser, so I am unable to mint any more. PLEASE HELP.

PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME MOVE TO METAMASK…it is easy to have your coins stolen there, but there is far more documentation available as HOW TO’s for iOS users…

Regards, L

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Hello @lrmTrust here’s a guide on how to connect DApps: WalletConnect Mobile Linking with Trust Wallet

Unfortunately, some DApps didn’t updated their WalletConnect version so, it’ll result in failure to connect.

Regarding WalletConnect update:

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Hello Alan. I really appreciate the information; however, I was able to find both of these links on my own and the problem is still present. The instructions are not specific to iOS either, so I get confused trying to understand them. I cannot use my Trust Wallet to bridge to Polygon AAVE OR link with / and connect my Trust wallet. I am using an iPhone 7 with Software version 14.6 on it and have had zero issues until the last few updates…and yes, I know that Trust had to remove their DApps capability to a point due to Apple’s requirements, and I know Trust says, “get an Android”…but really, I prefer my iPhone and do not want to have to change my phone due to the incompatibilities of one App. I believe I am on the latest version of the Trust Wallet as well…version 6.4 (6.4.3). Another issue since the update is that I do not get any notice that I need to verify a link or a transaction on my wallet anymore, even though it is set up to display…I really liked the simplicity of using this wallet before, but if I cannot figure out a way to use it to mine and stake my crypto, I will need to move on, and that will be a shame, because I am not fond of MetaMask since I lost close to $600 on it via a metamask hack/scam…