Kick token won't send out trust wallet

Why was kick token sent to my wallet, this has frozen it and including the original amount I had and now won’t let me send any out?

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Hello @Jays777 If you have discovered a balance of 888,888 Kick in your wallet, this is the result of a random airdrop by KickEX.

This is a marketing campaign. The tokens are locked and they cannot be moved. If you don’t want to see them in your wallet (and stop adding the value of the tokens to your balance) you can open the wallet, go to the “+” sign on the top, find Kick token and disable it.

Of course, you are not deleting the Kick tokens, they are just not visible. You can enable them back anytime you want.

For further information, please contact KickEX directly by joining KickEX Telegram

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