LTC Trust Wallet

Hi I have deposited LTC in my Trust Wallet and I want to swap them. But LTC is not coming up as an option in the “you pay” section, only LTC Bep2 and Binance-peg lite coin, both which I do not hold. Any ideas? tia

Probably you have LTC native coin not Binance peg LTC (BEP20 or BEP2) which are the one supported for swapping on Trust Wallet.

It is not possible to swap native LTC within the app currently. The Built-In DEX will only list coins or tokens that is already trading on popular DEXes.

If you cannot find your token then you need to send it to a centralized exchange.

Learn more here: What Is The DEX Inside Trust Wallet?

What to do: send your ETH BEP20 to Binance and withdraw as ETH ERC20. Or you can try Binance bridge: How to Peg-Out tokens from Binance Smart Chain

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Hi there,
Trust wallet Only allows to trade / swap Erc-20, BEP2 & BEP20 standard tokens in the app. The coin/s you have aren’t in any standard of these. Due to this, You can’t swap your LTC coins in the dex. Please move them to any exchange platform and trade there.

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hi there,
i also facing this issue. i transferred my litecoins from coinbase to trust wallet. i did receive but i couldnt swap it. but in coinbase, there is only 1 ltc version. why is there a different version in trust wallet? what should do from here?