MITX BEP2 not showing dollar value


I used the trust wallet DEX to swap BNB to MITX.
The MITX show up in the Wallet but not the dollar value.

I’m on the latest app version and MITX is listed on both CoinMarketCap and coingecko and since it’s sold on your built in exchange there obviously is a dollar info there somewhere.

Hi there ,
Thanks for reaching out . We will soon add the price information of this token if this token meet our conditions .

It already works for other people. Just not for me.
I’m on the latest version of the app on fast WiFi and tried VPNs. Still not showing a dollar value

We have price information added for MITX erc20 not for BEP2 . The team is working on BEP2 coins price information updates . This may take some time .

Have a look at this screenshot.
It seems like other members already getting the price information on BEP2


where you get this screenshot from ? can you ask for the app version .

Have a look here

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The issue has been pinpointed. The devs will push out the fix. Check the pricing later (like after a couple of hours).

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Thank you.
I just checked but not working yet. I’ll check again tomorrow.

The pricing data for MITX BEP2 should be working fine now. Can you confirm?

Hello. I just checked again and it’s now working.
Thank you for your help!!

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