New coins for stake in tw

Guys, please list out the new coins which are useful for stakes in Trust wallet or binance


Open your trusted wallet app and check under finance


I hope someday i can stake TWT on trustwallet

You can stake bnb/cake by performing liquidity and earn Cake in return you can also stake cake to earn syrup, and stake syrup to earn TWT it works on Binance smart chain so you’ve gat nothing to worry about gas fee. Just go to your Trust wallet Dapp you will find pancakeswap

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You can try with pancake swap , you can earn doble profit , cake and twt


Saya kirim matic dari indodax pagi tadi dan sukses, tapi kenapa saldo matic di trust walet masih nol, mohon bantuannya

Greetings am new here how can I trade on trust wellat please can someone help me. Please someone should assist me

@Chigozie30 check this guide : How to Trade with the Built-In DEX (Swap Option)