Not seeing ETH value for XYO

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Thanks for the information.
I can see XYO tokens on this address:

Are you not seeing this on your wallet?
This will appear as XYO token, not ETH.


That makes sense, the wrong currency was displayed. Thank you. When the times comes, how would I cash that out?

Now my screen looks like this lol, how do I get the monetary figure back?


Press on total amount in the header of the wallet. It’s a toggle if you want to hide/show balances in the app

Thank you. Also, how do i exchange the amount i have to usd?

You can check this guide:

Thank you but that only talks about bitcoin. I have XYO…

The guide explains that since Bitcoin is the most widely accepted crypto. You need to trade your alts first to Bitcoin and then convert it to cash.
There may be some alts that have a direct to fiat conversion.
But there is only so few of them.

Hey Everyone !!

I just read the subject and I’m having a similar problem except that it’s the another way around, I’m new in Crypto and I’m sure I did something wrong :


here is the situation :

  • transfert is confirmed
  • but no transfert arrive on my BINANCE ETH erc20 account

Please can someone help me with some explanations ?

Thank you very much and be safe.

Here is a screen shot

Binance does not support trading this token yet.
Consider it lost.

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Hi am trying do send xyo from my trust wallet but it says I need ETH to cover the fees I have bough ETH tried with ETH bep20 and bep2 and still says I need ETH please advice.

If you are sending Erc20 XYO you will need your eth to be erc20 to cover the gas fees on the ethereum chain

Bep2 and bep20, use bnb as gas fee as this is Binance chain

Thanks for the reply.
Ok I see now. Is there a way to swap ETH bep2 to erc20 ?

You can swap it in Binance, I.e. send your eth to your Binance bep2 address, withdraw to your erc20 address

Ok I have done that now. So now I want to have ETH to cover my fees for the xyo transaction do I select send ETH erc20 to the ETH wallet?

Yep, that’s it, on erc20 transactions you will always need eth to cover fees.