Purchases Smart Bnb not showing

same here. I purchased smart chain BNB, used my card, and still haven’t received my coin.


going almost 5hrs now… If I knew it be like this I would have just bought bnb from binance app and do the old route transfering bnb to trust then swapping bnb to smart chain… Trust support seems to be useless no one really getting back at me and simplex just sending me the same automated messages… this is really annoying.

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I transferred in Smart bnb from faucetpay where its been showing that the transfer was successfully for close to 6 hours but still haven’t seen it in trustwallet does anyone know what’s happening?

bought some smart chain bnb with simplex but still not showing in my trust wallet… what do we do?

already almost 8hrs man and nothing on my trust wallet still :confused: this is bullsht…

tho when I check my payment status on the payment submitted mail from simplex, they say that if you received the payment approved mail you WILL receive your cryptocurrency even if slower than imagining, they say that it depends of many factors… check it out!!!

yes it does but its straight up false information telling the customers in their email that within 3 hours it should arrive in our wallets. The fact that the customer service is this bad on their end on such a big market is beyond me, I even went on their website was able to get in que on live chat, was in que at 68 down to 22 and got kicked out telling me they are no longer available for live chat customer support and went offline??? WTF is that, that some shady shit and how are your customer support chat suddenly unavailable how are they not equip with employees to answer some no brainer questions from their customers. I might just call my bank here and file a refund claim just incase my coins never gets to me cuz this straight up feels like fraud.

I have never seen the three hours thing you’re talking about , they just say it WILL get to you if you received the payment approved email.
but yes it does feel like fraud I agree.

Due to high demand there might be delays in delivering your crypto. Please be informed that it might take up to 3 hours, however there is nothing to worry about - you will definitely receive the cryptocurrency for the approved payment!*

The thing is you can’t even track it on the Bnb Blockchain address which doesn’t help the issue at all.

I am running into this exact same issue. Received an approved email from Simplex stating coins should be in my Trust Wallet within 3 hours (4:30 pm EST). It is now almost 10:30 pm EST my BnB purchase has yet to be transferred to my wallet. I checked the Simplex status page and it states my purchase was approved.

I am new to crypto and this is kind of scary seeing a purchase take this long to be delivered.

How can this be fixed for me and others that have encountered this problem?

Update: My Smart Chain amount finally showed up in my Trust wallet around 11:30 pm EST. That was a 7-hour delay. Simplex should adjust their emails stating the delay would take up to 8 hours or more to show up in your wallet.

Wow lucky you!, I have not receive my SmartChain bnb yet already been 21hrs for me :confused: I was charged and approved on their end but my bsc address transaction is no where to be found on the blockchain system, which is a problem.

I did the same thing yesterday 15 hrs and still no smart chain but I have been charged

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Hello Yohbruv, the same situation has occured with my purchase though using Ramp Network.

I would like to know if you were able to receive or retrieve your Smart BNB

Hello Yohbruv, the same situation has occurred with my purchase though using Ramp Network.

I would like to know if you were able to receive or retrieve your Smart BNB

Hello! Same! My purchase thru Ramp Network but did not get my BNB :frowning: Were you able to resolve this? Were you able to retrieve your BNB? Help please anyone!

Anyone found the solution to this issue?

I made a purchase of smart chain BNB and the money has been taken out of my bank account but I haven’t received any BNB. I used ramp network and it’s been almost 24 hours since purchase.

Hello @Antson buying crypto feature in Trust Wallet is provided by 3rd party providers not Trust Wallet, probably they run out of stock. You can contact them from here: List of Cryptocurrency Providers

Thank you for your reply. I finally received it today. Took 6 days to receive it.