Question about swapping ETH in BSC blockchain

Within TrustWallet, in the DAPP Uniswap, I have realized that by selecting the Binance (BSC) network I can still swap ETH for another BEP20 and ERC20 currency, or at least it gives me the option to do so. But I have not confirmed any swap operation just in case it is not possible to do this and I could lose my money.

My question is: can I really swap ETH for another BEP20 and ERC20 coin within the BSC network in Uniswap and I will receive those coins in my TrustWallet?. It would be great since the BSC gas fee would be approx. 10€, compared to the absurd, ridiculous and exorbitant approx. 350€ (yes, 350) gas fee for the same swap operation using the ETH network in Uniswap.

Hello @pitoloko Uniswap doesn’t support BEP20 assets. Also, Trust Wallet doesn’t support crosschain swap from BEP20 To ERC20.
You can only swap ETH ↔ ERC20 tokens and BNB ↔ BEP20/BEP2.

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Sorry, my fault, I can’t swap ETH to BEP20, but as I said it lets me swap ETH for other ERC20 asset:


If I understood good, if I do the swap under the selected BSC blockchain in Uniswap (like in the image above) I will never receive the C3 token in my TrustWallet?.

Thanks for your help!

@pitoloko that is impossible, blockchain doesn’t work like that. You can’t connect on BSC and swap ETH and ERC20 assets. Also you can’t pay fees on Eth blockchain with BNB BEP20 (BSC). ETH & ERC20 blockchain fees should be paid with ETH.
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