Safemoon reduced

Hi, my safemoon has been reduced in my wallet. I have almost 500 mil tokens and now just 59… Also my transaction history is gone. I transferred my safemoon tokens 3 days ago from bitsmart. But now it’s almost gone. How is this possible? Anybody experiencing the same?


To better assist, can you provide us the following information:

Trust Wallet app version

Crypto address

Transaction ID (if you have any)

Details about your issue

Screenshots of the wallet (errors, if any

Thank you so much for your response in helping me correct my SMRAT balance.

  • I am on Version 5.21 (5210).
  • 0x68590a47578E5060a29fd99654f4556dBfa05D10
  • I don’t know how to get the transaction ID. Can you assist?
  • The value is incorrect, I’m trying to upload a screenshot it is not letting me

@sdlindsey can you elaborate more on what issue are you facing currently?

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Hi, Thanks for helping. My SMRAT (a BEP20 coin) is showing a much lower value than what it should be. In trustwallet I am currently seeing I have 3,945,984,866.53533327 tokens, but the value is at $8.23. The token price in the upper right-hand corner is showing 0.0000000020867, which is one more zero than the current Poocoin price of 0.0000000283597. Is it possible that Trust wallet is showing the wrong price, so it is calculating the wrong value? I have tried to upload a screenshot but am having no success.

@sdlindsey read this article regarding your issue: Token price is not accurate?

Hi, So you are thinking the price is accuarate? I’m a newbie, clearly…

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