Send eth from binance wallet to deposit on eth trustwallet

I use bep2 or bep20 network to send eth from binance wallet to my trust wallet.
Or both work?

Hi @Moon,

The network will depend on how you plan to use the ETH. If you choose Binance Chain (BNB), it will become a BEP2 pegged token. For Binance Smart Chain (BSC), it becomes BEP20 pegged token as well. Read more here: What are Binance-Peg Tokens?

If you want to use the native ETH (the uses etherscan as the explorer), then you need to select Ethereum (ETH).


Hi, if I want to send ETH from my Binance account to Trust Wallet and just hodl it there with expectation of selling it in couple months, which network should I use? Thanks


It depends on you. Please read my response above.