Sent busd bep 20 to celsius network erc 20

Hello I’m new on trust wallet and never heard of different blockchain… For me busd is just busd so I send the token to celsius network and waited… After 1h I realized that something went wrong and did some research… It’s just written send it to the correct native blockchain…it’s never written erc 20 anywhere… I had to convert before or send it to binance on bep20… I know now.

I opened a ticket but I saw they don’t accept bep2. But the bep20 version?
I lost almost 500 dollars for the moment… I m very angry, is there any way to recover it? Any idea, thanks

There is no way to reverse that none known to me, however you could still read more about different networks to further avert such mistake. So sorry for your lost @Flos

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Hello @Flos,

Sorry to hear about your recent experience. Unfortunately, based on their response to you, they can’t recover it from their end. Also, confirmed transactions are irreversible. Please be careful next time and double-check before transacting.

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Thanks for your answers, I had no real hope about recovering the coins…it’s very cruel and a serious reminder… Always send few coins and validate the process… there is no warning of trust wallet neither celsius network and the address is the same. I think the first one to lose coins and not the last one…

I will send it to binance in the future in BEP 20 it’s more supported.

Please be reminded that this has nothing to do with Trust Wallet or Celsius. You alone should verify your transaction before you do them.

It’s like transferring Fiat currency from bank to bank. You have to be sure you are transferring your money to the right bank and right account number.

As a reminder, always DYOR or ask when in doubt and we’ll be happy to assist you here. We have dedicated and smart professionals willing to provide help.

Sorry you had to experience this. We empathise with you.


Well said @ugodspecial